FBC Steeple WatercolorWant to learn more about The First Baptist Church of Woodstown, here is a little bit of info about who we are to help you get to know us.

Our Ministry Statement
  • Focusing our time, resources, and spiritual gifts to intentionally reach out to and establish caring relationships with those who do not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • Encouraging and assisting people to commit their lives to Jesus Christ.
  • Helping people become disciples of Jesus Christ through the study of Scripture, the building of caring relationships, the discovery and strengthening of their spiritual gifts, and training and releasing them to perform ministry.

Our Team

Rev. Dr. Neil Chadwick

Interim Pastor



Rev. Timothy D. JoyceTim Joyce Youth Minsitry Coordinator cropped

Associate Pastor


Laurie Goforth.Organist.Music Director croppedMrs. Laurie Goforth

Organist / Music Director


Theresa Williams.Secretary croppedMrs. Theresa Williams



Greg Harper.Custodian - CroppedMr. Gregory Harper





Our Core Values

  • We Value – Worship and Prayer as it Glorifies the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • We Value – Biblically Centered Learning.
  • We Value – Children and Youth.
  • We Value – Being People of Mission and Outreach.
  • We Value – Nurturing Fellowship.
  • We Value – Empowering Laity.
  • We Value – Servant-leaders who are Sensitive to God’s Spirit.
  • We Value – Dedication to Quality.
  • We Value – Building on Heritage.